After years of experience in the diamond die industry, Phillip Taylor realized the need for a company that would provide stronger, better, more precise dies. Using his mechanical engineering background, he developed many new innovative processes and designed proprietary production equipment. In 1967, Taylor founded “Value Company” for the purpose of carrying out his vision of providing more value and better dies to customers.

In the year 2000, the name was changed to VCI Wire Die Inc. to better reflect the product nature of the business. Today, over three decades from its inception, the company maintains a tradition of ongoing research and development and extensive quality control in order to deliver the best product possible. Second-generation leadership includes Laura Killingsworth as President, continued active participation from Phillip Taylor, and continuous innovation from mechanical engineer Marcus Taylor. Constant adaptation to a changing industry is a strength, but one thing that will never change is our commitment to our customers.

No competitor has Taylor’s proprietary processes or equipment, therefore no competitor has dies as strong, dependable or accurate as VCI. If you want more pounds of wire per die, you want VCI Wire Die.

Phillip Taylor

Laura Killingsworth

Marcus Taylor